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About GB Systems

GB Systems was incorporated in 1995 to focus on using web technologies to create new business models, offer new communication systems, and leverage technology to streamline operations as well as the development of offline programs for several areas.

Our team is composed of highly skilled, educated, and talented IT engineers and senior programmers, who care about their work and take personal pride in achieving customer satisfaction. They work in strong, cohesive teams under contemporary project management.

Applications with databases on the internet, client-server developments, creative websites design and offline software design and programming, are just a few examples of our areas of expertise, oriented to in small, medium and large business.

Our Mission
The success of your business

GB Systems’s mission is to help clients in a broad range of industries benefit from the most powerful, yet cost-effective technology available so that they can better compete, thrive, and grow.

With a wide knowledge of software technologies and Internet, our team of professionals will maximize your business opportunities, through the highest degree of excellence for your projects and marketing in the Internet.

Our marketing team will work altogether with your staff of marketing (or simply we will make all the work) to optimize and to stand out the image of your company on the internet.

When your order the services of GB Systems, your total satisfaction is guaranteed, our commitment is to do of your success, our success.

We will help your company to grow more efficient, productive and profitably through a variety of software, technologies and services provided by our highly skilled professionals, with very competitive costs of development.

Our goal is to:

  • Exceed your expectations
  • Respond to your requests
  • Deliver the highest quality service
  • Maintain competitive prices
  • Solve any problems
  • Be accessible 24/7

Our Vision

We exist to be the global leader in helping organizations optimize business performance by improving how they acquire, access, and manage information technology.

In the hyper-competitive IT industry, successful people think creatively to identify opportunities and act upon them. One of the best ways to develop creative skills is through continuous education. Our quest for knowledge gives us a strategic competitive advantage. We continually challenge our comfort zone by turning problems into opportunities to grow and learn.

We value innovation. For you to stay on top of your industry, we have to stay on top of ours. To exceed your expectations, we need to be innovative in the deployment of knowledge and technology. We provide an environment for our staff which encourages personal growth and the opportunity to develop new skills.

Our team of dedicated professionals works with passion to maintain and continually improve the quality in keeping with our mission objectives, and to provide an outstanding support service.

Brief History of the Company

Founded in 1995 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, GB Systems has been pioneer in developments of software for diverse areas, such as Medicine, Dentistry, Administration, Management, Marketing, Investigation, etc.

With the registration of the domain gbsystems.com in January of 1996, we launched the first website of the company and first Hispanic Dental Portal (DENTAL World) that nowadays continues leading the online Dentistry in Spanish.

From that moment we have not rested in the development of new and innovative projects for clients of diverse countries.

During the year 2000, we have established GB Systems LLC, in the USA, in order to better serve our clients in North America.