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  • Composite resin restorations of large Class II cavities using split-increment horizontal placement technique
    The split-increment horizontal placement of composite resin, combined with shade or chroma stratification, provides a simplified technique for restoring large Class II cavities
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  • Cost Analysis of Hand Hygiene Using Antimicrobial Soap and Water Versus an Alcohol-Based Hand Rub
    Proper hand hygiene is acknowledged as the most critical element of an adequate infection control program in the oral healthcare setting.
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  • Dental glossary
    Dental glossary is listed in aphabetical order for comfortable exploring
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  • Dental therapeutic practice patterns in the U.S. Analgesics, corticosteroids, and antibiotics
    This article examines the prescribing practices for peripherally acting and centrally acting analgesics, corticosteroids, and antibiotics following third molar extraction
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  • Down to the wire
    Incorporating orthodontics into a general dentistry practice
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  • Effect of temperature on the flow properties of resin composite
    This study evaluated the effect of temperature on the flow characteristics of three different resin composites: a packable, a microhybrid, and a flowable
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  • Evaluation of Speech in Patients with Partial Surgically Acquired Defects: Pre and Post Prosthetic Obturation
    Maxillectomy often results in a high level of morbidity with significant psychological and functional implications for the patient
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  • Injection pain of prilocaine plain, mepivacaine plain, articaine with epinephrine, and lidocaine with epinephrine
    In a double-blind study design, 1,391 consecutive patients in a general dental practice received one of four different local anesthetics (articaine with epinephrine, lidocaine with epinephrine, mepivacaine plain, or prilocaine plain) via a maxillary buccal infiltration, palatal infiltration, or inferior alveolar block injection.
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  • Morphology evaluation of primary enamel exposed to antihistamine and fluoride dentifrice
    This in vitro study sought to evaluate the action of a pediatric medication with low pH and high acidity in primary enamel submitted (or not) to daily applications of fluoride dentifrice
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  • Smoking Habits of Adolescents and the Role of Dentists
    Tobacco smoking has a devastating effect on the health and well-being of the public and remains the nationís leading avoidable cause of premature mortality and disability.
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