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  • A diagnostic challenge: Anterior variant of mandibular lingual bone depression
    Mandibular lingual bone depressions are considered to be developmental anomalies and most clinicians are familiar with the posterior variant (known as Stafneís bone cavity)
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  • A One-Year Clinical Evaluation of a High-Viscosity Glass Ionomer Cement in Primary Molars
    In this study one-year clinical results of high-viscosity glass ionomer cement (GIC) (Fuji IX, A3, GC, Japan) were determined in class I and class II restorations in 68 primary molars with occlusal or approximal caries.
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  • A review of adverse oral reactions to systemic medications
    There is no debate that oral health and general well-being are inextricably bound.
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  • A Review of Polymerization Shrinkage Stress: Current Techniques for Posterior Direct Resin Restorations
    In general excellent results cannot be guaranteed when using resin-based composites for posterior restorations.
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  • A review of sodium fluoride varnish
    Fluoride varnish was incorporated into clinical dentistry to reduce caries
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  • Acute malocclusion
    Acute malocclusion can result from disturbances in the maxillary/mandibular tooth relationship.
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  • Alternative treatments for resin-based composite and amalgam restorations with marginal defects: A 12-month clinical trial
    This clinical trial sought to evaluate the effectiveness of alternative treatment for replacing amalgam and resin-based composite restorations with marginal defects.
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  • Blood Pressure Assessment Practices of Dental Hygienists
    An estimated 50 million Americans have high blood pressure (HBP), with 30% of them unaware of their condition.
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  • Blurring the lines between general dentistry & dental specialties
    It used to be easy to articulate a dentistís duties, and the lines between specialties seemed to be etched in stone.
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  • Calculating and justifying total anxiolytic doses of medications for in-office use
    Providing anxiolysis (diminution of anxiety and/or fear) for patients is a popular technique for improving a patientís tolerance of invasive dental procedures.
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