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The ultimate and definitive solution for every dental practice: from a single dentist's office up to big dental clinics.

Don't stay behind and Lead !

OdontoSoft Millennium! is a new generation dental practice management software that allow to have a full control of a dental clinic or office, both in the medical and in the commercial and administrative areas, and it enhances the dentit's image and prestige.

Flexible and Adaptable: It can be used in the different ways to work within the Dentistry, including the different tooth numbering systems..

Unlimited number of dentists: If several doctors share the dental office, all OdontoSoft Millennium features –Appointment Book, Treatment records, Payments, etc—can be used as an independent dental practice software for each dentist.

Very easy to use: Previous computer knowledge is not required, anyway, we offer quick and permanent technical support.

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Reliable, Efficient, Complete, Safe

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Life is giving you a second chance. If your old program was difficult to use, it did not adapt to your needs or, even worse, it lost your valuable information, OdontoSoft Millennium will give you the necessary tranquility to dedicate your time only to take care of your patients.


OdontoSoft Millennium Main Features

  • Total Financial Control of your dental office centralized in OdontoSoft:

    • Received Payments
    • Office's Expenses
    • Overdue Payments
    • Past Due Insurance Claims
    • Estimate Payment Dates

  • Total Clinical Control of your patients
    • Charts and forms for each specialty, plus the ability of register any type of treatment or procedure

  • An unlimited number of dentists are able to use the program, because all the features can be restricted to each doctor (this is very useful if several dentists share the office).

  • International Compatibility. OdontoSoft Millennium includes versions according to the Tooth Numbering System used in each country. At the installation time, you will choose what version you would like to use.

  • All features (reports, medical records, charts, appointment books, etc.) can be printed, as they appear on screen.

  • OdontoSoft Millennium comes with a complete set of customizable accounting and management reports, to keep every area of your dental office at hand.
    Accounts Receivable, Received Payments, Production Analysis, Insurance Details and Payments, Doctor's Wages, Patient's Balances, etc, etc.

  • Ability to manage big numbers for countries where the currency has several digits.

  • Easy patient search. Just enter part of the name or part of the birthdate, and all the patients matching with the entered data will be displayed. If you prefer, you can choose a patient right from the Appointment Book.

  • Periodic Updates

  • Unlimited technical support

Medical Records

Management of Medical Records through predefined forms (patient's personal information and a huge list of medical antecedents) as well as a detailed list of treatments and procedures.

The patient's medical record can store an unlimited number of images or pictures.

All the specialties in a single place: General Dentistry, Endodontics, Periodontics, Orthodontics, Surgery, Implants.

  • Patient's personal information includes email, letting you to send marketing campaigns through the Internet.

  • Pathologies, Treatment Plans and Treatments. For each treatment, there are two amounts, the patient's one and the insurance's one. Therefore, each patient has two general balances: the patient's one and the insurance's one..

    In the same way, the Treatment Plan also includes 2 amounts and a small window instantly shows the totals when the plan is designed.

    Each item of Treatment Plans and Completed Treatments include the Estimated Payment Date for the patient and for the insurance, allowing for a report on how much money you should receive in 2 dates.

  • Customizable Procedure Code List, with tools to import previous lists from a text file.

  • Each treatment can be marked to show it or not in the insurance report.

  • Unlimited Fee Schedules, if you work with several insurance companies or several kinds of private patients.
    if you don't work with insurances, you will be able to have several fee schedules also.

  • Ability to define patient's copayments for each treatment, displaying it automatically when you enter such treatment.

  • Guarantee Time for treatments made (you can set this features on or off). In the event of registering a treatment within its previously defined guarantee time, an alert will be displayed. This is useful for example so as not to start a treatment that the insurance will not cover; if you are the manager, it avoids paying the dentists for treatments more than once.
  • Medical Alerts with just one click.

  • Totally complete Dental Charts (Initial and Current). You will be able to draw in a "pencil mode" or in a "surface mode" (just 1 click), to place abbreviations, update automatically the patient's medical record, keep the inventory up to date, to represent displacements, implants, root canals, prosthesis, etc.

  • O'Leary Plaque Index (in graphs), which enables the dentist to have as many controls for each patient as necessary.

  • Periodontal Chart. Ability to make a graphic with Probe Depth and Attachment Loss for several controls of each patient, with different colors, to compare the evolution.

  • Gingival-Periodontal Health chart with Periodontal Risk Level.

  • Implants, 3 predefined forms for each patient, with check boxes and text fields.

  • Endodontics, Length of Root Canals form.

  • Ortodontics form.

  • Insured ID verification when a new patient is defined.

  • Ability to define a Group or Family from the Personal Information of each patient.

Appointment Book and Phone Calls Schedules

  • Initially they are defined the attention schedules of each doctor and the duration of the visits.
    In this way, the appointment calendar is fully realistic.

  • The calendar can be visualized of several ways in the screen: 1 day, 2 days, the Monday to Friday week or the Monday to Sunday week, being able to indicate for each patient if it was attended or not.

  • The phone call schedule also is daily too, and they can be marked the calls if they were accomplished or not.

  • Both the visits and the phone calls schedules are independent for each doctor.

  • Report about assistance and absences of the patients.

Reports and Laboratories Management

  • A complete set of accounting, management and clinical reports to have a full control of every area of your dental office.

  • Customizable reports (Dates From and To, Patients From and To, Treatments From and To, Doctor, etc.) and adaptable to the doctor's needs.

  • Some of the most popular reports include:

    1. Detected Pathologies

    2. Completed Treatments (without including fees)

    3. Completed Treatments (including fees)

    4. Pending Treatments

    5. Completed Treatments Stats

    6. Insurance Treatments Detail

    7. Patients according their Last Visit

    8. Patients according their Next Visit

    9. Expenses and Payments Sent

    10. Documents issued

    11. Received Payments (from Insurance and from Patients)
    1. Patients Balances

    2. Purchases

    3. Purchases with Pending Payment

    4. Products Stock

    5. Products required for each treatment

    6. Schedule to use products, according to treatments plans

    7. Schedule to use products and Products to Buy

    8. Laboratory work orders details

    9. Assigned appointments, indicating if the patient attended or not.

    10. Doctor's wages

    11. Accounts receivable, according to Completed Treatments or Treatments Plans

  • Keep track of every order sent to the Dental Lab. Total control of Sent, Paid but not Received, Received but not Paid and Pending orders for example.

    • Record of every work order sent to the dental laboratory, including, shipment, reception, utilization and payment dates, and marking if they have been received, paid, etc.

    • Printing of Laboratory Work Orders.

    • Detailed Reports on pending, received, paid, unpaid orders between two dates, having a full control of sent, received and pending orders

    Billing, Stock Control and Accounting

    Total control of all financial transactions of your dental office. Patients and Insurance Payments, Expenses, Patient's Ledger, with fully detailed and customizable management reports.

    • Flexible Billing from completed treatments, to a patient, an insurance or in general. Payments sent and received, Accounts receivable (patient and carrier/insurance), purchases made, etc.

    • Estimates, from Treatment Plans or in general.

    • Received Payments, from Patients and from Insurances. These payments can be applied to some invoice or simply as a transaction in the patient's account, updating the balance with the amount paid (Patient's Ledger)

    • Payments received by credit card are marked in order to make a report for each card within two dates, for example.

    • Payment Sent (Expenses), being able to register general expenses as public utilities (electricity, water, etc), telephone, wages, etc.

    • Patient Ledger, to view a chronological detail (as a bank statement) of treatments completed and payments received from each patient, even private issues as the insurance part, indicating partial balances at any time.

    • Automatic and intelligent Stock Control per doctor, when registering each treatment.

      For each treatment you can define how much is required of each product. When a treatment is entered, the exact amount of each product is subtracted from the inventory.
      Alerts will appear if the amount of some product is low or if you don't have enough product to do some treatment.

      Stock control can be enabled or disabled according to your needs.

    • Dentists' Wages. If you have dentists employed, you will get reports about their salary. There are several ways to define how to compute it:

      • For each insurance or fee schedule, the fee for each procedure will be the same to all dentists
      • Different fee schedules depending on the dentist (even if the treatment is the same).
      • A percentage of total work for each dentist.
      • etc.

      Wages Reports are detailed or brief.

    • 15 Billing and Stock Reports, customizable according to dentist's needs, including, according to all treatment plans, products required buy in order to complete those treatments, if there are not enough.

    • Documents printing (Invoices, Receipts, Credit and Debit Notes) and Estimates in 3 ways:
      • Enables you to print the document exactly what you see on the display screen.
      • Full page including form lines.
      • Full page without form lines (if you have pre-printed sheets).

    Insurance Management and Fee Schedules

    Flexible Insurance / Carriers management.
    if you don't work with insurances, you will be able to have several fee schedules also.

    • Fee Schedules: One Fee schedule for each insurance company (or for each plan within the company). When a new procedure is entered, respective values appear automatically: Patient Fee (including eventually a co-payment) and Insurance Fee.
      Obviously these values are updatable manually.

    • For each procedure or treatment you will be able to define the insurance fee, patient fee (percentage), patient co-payment (fixed amount), guarantee type (surface, tooth or general), guarantee time and dentist's wage for this treatment.

    • Ability to mark those treatments which will be included in the next Insurance Claims Report.

    • Insurance Treatments Reports can be issued to a text file.

    • Massive payments received from Insurance, that let you enter all payments received from each insurance (for all or some patients or filtering by date) automatically, interactively updating each treatment status and patient's balance.


    Educational Images and Address Book.

    • A lot of included educational images, for each specialty and in general, letting you draw over them with the mouse and explain pathologies and treatments to the patient.

    • Personal Address Book for telephone numbers and addresses.


    Total control of people accessing the program and the modules available for each one

    • Ability to define an unlimited number of users to access the system, with its personal password, modifiable at any time.
    • Authorized users are able to set what modules or features will be available for the other ones.

    • Financial reports include each transaction record with the username that posted the transaction.

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