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Your FREE website:

If you're a dentist, you can get your own free website with up to 5 pages. You will be able to include the content you consider appropriate to promote your professional services.

Dental World Club:
  • Increase your income with another countries or cities patients
  • Give an additional service to your current patients when they travel.
  • Obtain new patients in your area, from Dental World
  • Get a website about your dental office, with a better design, no ads and your name in bold in the dentists list.

Dentists Directory:

There are prospective patients looking for a dentist in YOUR area. It would be great that new patients know about your office through Internet and for a really low fee.

It is estimated that more than 100 million people cruise the net daily, therefore don't let this opportunity pass you by.

DENTAL World is visited permanently by patients and companies linked with dentistry, therefore, having presence here will also help you to receive commercial and technical updates through the electronic mail.

Think how much you would spend monthly publishing in the traditional yellow pages while here you may include your information free, surpassing other dentists competing in your area.

There are 3 ways of placing information:

Basic Information, Free
Dr. Juan González, Phone: 523-4235, Buenos Aires - Argentina
Brief info, u$s 50 per 1 year
Sample of this type of pages
FULL Info, including an additional page, with a u$s 99 fee per 1 year.
Sample of this type of pages

We will design your page for free, and if you would like a picture (recommended) of yourself, office or logo to be included on your webpage please add an additional charge of u$s 20 (one time fee).

Comment this with your colleagues and... don't think it over !!!

Fill the form with your info.

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