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  • Bone Loss - Causes and Treatment pop
    Mandibular or Maxillary jawbone density problems can develop through disease conditions, trauma and even the way we take care of our teeth.... or don't take care of our teeth. Learn what can be done to thwart certain bone loss issues and some of the popular procedures for treating it
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  • Demineralized Tooth Enamel - Whitening Alternatives pop
    Demineralized teeth are a common cause of spotty, splotchy or mottled enamel. Learn how a proprietary enamel modification method was developed to treat unusual stains and spots that don't respond well to traditional teeth whitening procedures and products
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  • The Art and Science of Smile Makeovers - 10 Factors pop
    Truly creative dentists who focus much of their practice on cosmetic dentistry tend to follow a set of rules or guidelines for maximizing the probability of achieving the precise aesthetic result their patients want. Learn more about what some of these factors are
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  • ToothPrints Identification
    Dental technologies used to provide a unique method for protecting young people. Learn how impressions are created to develop an effective method of identifying children at a time when it's needed.
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