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Why DENTAL World?

Since January of 1996, DENTAL World is the first argentine dental site, one of the first and most prestigious in the Dental Spanish speaking world and one of the most visited in the dental world wide web.

Due to the quantity and quality of it content (Articles, Events, Products, Classifieds, etc) and it interactive sections (Medical Interconsults, Forum, Chat, etc), it is a real meeting and consult point for dentists, companies, institutions and general public from all over the world.

The following are some reasons that converts DENTAL World in a powerful way to arriving to new customers:
  • More than 70,000 unique visitors currently per month. .
  • An international readership growth that super 10% monthly.
  • A readership that is 70 to 80% professional.
  • The site is registered in the most used online directories, there are links toward it in several international dental sites and in the most important servers of Argentina and Latin America.
  • Promotion of DENTAL World in several dental publications.
  • Expert designers that use advanced technology to develop attractive advertising pages to show your product.
  • Electronic mail availability on the part of the readers to request additional information on the shown products.
  • Significantly lower fees that in traditional paper advertising.
  • 24 hours, 365 days a year permanent presence in the world.
The Latin American Market and the Dental Suppliers

Internet access from Spanish-speaking Countries is growing very fast. Since over 400,000,000 people speak spanish as their primary language, we could foresee in those Countries a tremendous commercial opportunity for those interested in offering their products through the Web.

Dental Industry in those Countries also grows at a steady pace. DENTAL World offers the opportunity through Internet to promote the activity of Dental Manufactures in their Products and Services Section to all Latin American Countries. Here is where Dental companies, medical device manufacturers and distributors, etc. interested in reaching Spanish-speaking consumers can post an announcement on their Products, manufactures, news.

We also offer our into-spanish translation services, Webpages hosting, links to your website and web page design

What options are available?

We have several options according to your needs. In all cases you advertising will be added in both, Spanish and English versions of DENTAL World.

Most common examples are:

  • Rotating banner in almost the entire DENTAL World. Excellent cost/bennefit option
    Your banner will appear in almost the whole site (except the Home Page) with no need to choose some page to include include it. As an example, you can reload this page and the banner at the top will change.

  • Static Banner within one or more pages, including optionally the Home Page
    Each time someone enter to the selected page, your banner will appear.

  • Link from Products y Services or sponsorship in our Newsletter.
    Details and prices can be found at

These are examples only. We can analyze each case to obtain the best results for your company

Banner Samples

Below are a few samples of banners. However we can define other sizes according to your needs.
Prices depends on

  • The size of an advertisement on a page.
  • The location of an advertisement on a page.
  • The page in wich will be put the advertisement.
Banners types and sizes

There are 3 standard logo sizes:

  1. Full Logo: 411 x 50 pixels
    Full Logo

  2. Half Logo: 200 x 50 pixels
    Half Logo

  3. Quarter Logo: 95 x 50 pixels
    Quarter Logo

If your company already have a graphic image you would like to use for a banner, we can customize it to fit it in DENTAL World.

Banners can be placed at either the top of a page (just below the page's title) or at the bottom.

My company still does not have a website

In this case we can create one at affordable prices.
You just define what texts and graphics would like to include in the pages and we will prepare the website in a few days.

Contact us !

If you're interested in advertising in Dental World, fill the sponsor inquiry form. If you would like, you can email us. We will contact you soon, to answer your questions and to begin to work together.

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